Cariloha Sheets Review – Are Bamboo Sheets Softer Than Egyptian Cotton?

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review

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The Cariloha sheets are made from bamboo. It’s hard to imagine those hard bamboo stalks being turned into such a soft fabric, but wow does it work. Cariloha has two different types of sheets, the Classic and Resort collections. Our first purchase was the Classic sheets, and those were the softest sheets we’ve ever had. Then we purchased the Resort sheets and we were amazed at how they could be even softer than the first pair.

QUALITY – Materials & Construction

Here is what Cariloha says about the difference in the collections:
Classic Sheets – Cariloha’s original luxuriously soft bamboo sheets are made with a twill weave to maximize softness without compromising quality and durability.
Resort Sheets – We took our perfect sheets and made them even softer by tailoring them with a sateen weave for a smooth, lustrous finish that’s similar to satin.
We’ve had both sets for a long time and they’ve gone through the washing machine many times. They feel a little thicker and weigh more than other sheets, and this is why we think they are very durable. Also, I personally have rough heels that have been known to put holes in some of our past sheets, but I’ve never had an issue with these. Cariloha says that the bamboo sheets get softer after you wash them. We haven’t noticed a huge difference, but they remain as soft as ever.
Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review Great Quality

COOLING – Do They Sleep Hot?

The Classic bamboo sheets seemed to be a little cooler than our last pair of egyptian cotton sheets, but the Resort bamboo sheets blew us away. Bamboo is known to have cooling properties that wicks away sweat, and these sheets are said to be thermal regulating. My wife knows that I try to move around on my bed a little or turn the pillow around trying to find the cooler areas. With the Cariloha sheets, it seems like I do this a lot less throughout the night, plus, I don’t think I’ve ever woken up in a heat sweat with these sheets.

COMFORT – How Soft & How They Feel

Cariloha doesn’t give an actual thread count and says that bamboo thread counts are different than cotton thread counts. In the end, it doesn’t matter to me, but I’m a firm believer that bamboo is much softer and more comfortable than cotton. Especially these Cariloha bamboo sheets, they are amazingly soft. The Resort sheets also have that smooth satin feel that lets you move around easily and never get caught up on anything.
Here’s a Cariloha video that shows how soft their bamboo sheets are.


FIT – Will They Fit Your Mattress?

The fitted sheets have 18” depth. They seem to fit my mattress very well and stay nice and snug. They do wrinkle a little easily, but that’s not too big of a deal to us. The other small issue that we have on the fit is that we wish the top sheets were a little bigger. We like to have extra room to tuck under our mattress and these sheets seem to just fit to the corners of our mattress.
Cariloha Sheets Review Perfect Fit

VALUE – Price & Performance

The price for these Cariloha bamboo sheets are a little higher than cotton sheets, however, they seem to be a comparable price to most leading bamboo sheet brands. Ranging in price around a couple hundred dollars, depending on the collection that fits you best. As long as you have the money to try a luxury pair of sheets, we would recommend it for sure.


Shipping – You get free shipping when purchasing any of their sheets.
Returns – Cariloha will give you a full refund on your sheets within 90 days if you want to return them.
Company – The company was very easy to work with. Their customer service and trial periods are very good.
Reviews – The Classic sheets have over 1,200 reviews with a 5 star rating and the Resort sheets have over 800 reviews with a 5 star rating.
For more information about the sheets, its pricing, or to purchase it, please go to their website: Cariloha Sheets
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Cariloha Sheets

Cariloha Sheets











Why We Like It

  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic and keeps clean
  • Softest pair of sheets we’ve ever had
  • Thermal-regulating and keeps cool at night
  • Tons of colors to choose from
  • 2 collections to choose your preference

Other Features

  • Smell Dissipation = 1-2 Days
  • Softness Scale - 10 of 10
  • 18” Deep Pockets
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Quality Guarantee