The Night Pillow Review – Get Healthier Skin & Shinier Hair

Night Pillow Review

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Have you heard of the pillow that makes you more beautiful? Introducing the Night Pillow. We heard of this pillow and had to check it out. It’s a pretty nice website that gets you interested by showing all the benefits. Here is a list of the benefits from this pillow.

  • Minimizes Wrinkles
  • Supports Clear Skin
  • Improves the Effectiveness of Facecreams
  • Healthier, Shinier Hair
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Stimulates Melatonin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Customized Comfort
  • Get Laid

Needless to say, these benefits got us very intrigued and we had to get this pillow to test is and review it.

QUALITY – Materials & Construction

Inner Layer – The pillow is filled with polyurethane memory foam fill. This fill is also hypoallergenic.
Outer Layer – The pillowcase is a TriSilk pillowcase made of 95% mulberry silk and 5% spandex. This pillowcase is removable and machine washable.
The pillow is black for a reason. They not only wanted to make the pillow look good and sexy, the company claims that the dark pillow also works as a type of built-in eye mask that helps to negate light and allow a better sleep. A black pillow is also great for looking better and not getting stains from makeup, drool, or anything else. And the silk helps with protection against allergens, which in turn helps to keep your pores open. And having a silk pillowcase is also supposed to keep your hair healthier and shinier.
Here’s a Night video about why this pillow is so great:


COOLING – Does it Sleep Hot?

For most memory foam pillow, the pillow conforms to the shape of your head. This is usually good for comfort, but not as good to keep cool. When the pillow conforms to your head, there is less room for breathability and airflow which in turn makes things get a little warmer. However, the silk pillowcase helps to keep your head a little cooler than regular memory foam pillows. If I was just rating the pillow by itself, the cooling rating would be pretty low. But since you the pillowcase comes with this specific pillow, it does help out the cooling effect quite a bit.

COMFORT – How Does it Feel?

As far as memory foam pillows are concerned, this is a great pillow. It’s comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. This is a personal preference though. We’ve known many people that love their down pillows and many others that will only sleep on memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows usually are a little thicker and more firm, and then conform to the pressure of your head. If that’s what you like, then this will be a comfortable pillow for you.

SUPPORT – Head & Neck Support

The support on this pillow is average. It does seem like the company spent a lot more time on the benefits of the pillow when it comes to beauty, acne, and just overall sleeping. However, it’s just a normal memory foam pillow when it comes to support. My personal opinion is that since it’s a memory foam pillow that absorbs the weight of your head, it also helps with the support of your neck. And it’s poofy enough to support a side-sleeper as well.

VALUE – Price & Performance

This is a great pillow with many benefits to help you with your beauty sleep. It does cost a little more than other pillows, around $150-$200. I do feel like some of that cost is to have a great looking style and an even sexy pillow. It comes with three different border designs for your pillowcase, which just ads to the feeling of your room and your bed looking cool. If you’re just going for comfort and support, I do think this pillow is overpriced. But if you put a lot of emphasis on design of your room and the cooling of your pillow, then this pillow is a great value and choice.


Care – The pillowcase is removable and machine washable.
Returns – The have a 101 night sleep trial and will provide free returns and 100% full refund.
Company – Great website with information and great customer service.
Reviews – They have over 60 reviews on their website with a 5 out of 5 star rating.
For more information about the pillow, its pricing, or to purchase it, please go to their website: Night Pillow
If you have questions about the pillow or have used it before and want to leave your own review, please leave a comment below.

Night Pillow

Night Pillow











Why We Like It

  • Pillow is great with bedroom decor
  • Hypoallergenic and clears up pores
  • Silk pillowcase keeps cool at night
  • Black pillowcase negates light and stimulates melatonin
  • Silk pillowcase helps with healthier hair

Other Features

  • TriSilk Moisturizing Pillowcase
  • Removable Outer Layer is Machine Washable
  • Smell Dissipation - 1-2 Days
  • Firmness Scale - 8 of 10
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial