Nolah Mattress Review – Better Than Memory Foam & Latex?

Nolah Mattress Review

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We received the Nolah Mattress and slept on it for several weeks. This post contains our honest review on the mattress and its ratings for the top five features we believe are most important to know before making a mattress purchase: quality, cooling, motion transfer, support and value.

QUALITY – Materials & Construction

The Nolah mattress has 3 separate of foam that make up the 10” mattress.

  • 2″ Pressure relief Nolah AirFoam™
  • 1″ Latex-Like Support Foam
  • 7″ High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The cover is made from wood pulps, and really does have a nice feel to it. It claims to wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat, which we found to do a good job of that.
Here’s a Nolah video with some information about their mattress.


COOLING – Does it Sleep Hot?

We found that the Nolah mattress sleeps significantly cooler than a typical memory foam mattress will. This is in part to their trademarked Nolah AirFoam™ that is designed to keep you cool. I tend to sleep much hotter than my wife, and did not experience any excessive body heat retention while sleeping on the Nolah.

MOTION TRANSFER – How it Absorbs Impact

The motion transfer on this mattress was better than some other foam mattresses I’ve tried. I feel like because of it’s softer and plushier feel, it absorbs movement much better. My wife was left undisturbed as I get up early for work in the morning. That’s a good thing.

SUPPORT – Spinal Alignment

I originally thought that I like a mattress more on the firmer side of things, but this mattress may have changed my mind a little. On our Firmness Scale, I give this mattress a comfortable 5.
I feel like it has a firm base where I don’t feel like I’m sinking, but has a nice soft top layer that helps cradle my body in a satisfying way. I think it helped some of my lower back pain as well. My wife is a side sleeper, and I am a back and stomach sleeper, and we were both very happy with this mattress.

VALUE – Price & Performance

The value of the Nolah mattress is great! It offers similar quality and comfort as many of the top brand mattresses, but at a lower cost. The majority of the Queen mattresses that we have reviewed have been around $1,000, while the Queen Nolah mattress comes in at $850.


Smell Dissipation – Our mattress took 1-2 days to completely get rid of the smell. Not a very strong smell though, in my opinion.
Softy – We give this a 5 out of 10 when on our Firmness Scale.
Company – The company was very easy to work with. Their customer service and trial periods are very good.
Bounce – A decent bounce for such a nice medium-soft feel.
For more information about the mattress, its pricing, or to purchase it, please go to their website: Nolah Mattress
If you have questions about the mattress or have used it before and want to leave your own review, please leave a comment below.

Nolah Mattress

Nolah Mattress











Why We Like It

  • 4X Better Pressure Relief than Memory Foam
  • Off-gassing smell only lasted a few days
  • Cooler than any Memory Foam
  • More Durable than Latex
  • Great value for a cheaper price

Other Features

  • Medium-Soft - 5 of 10
  • 120-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Advanced Technology w/ 1000's of Testing Hours