Spindle Mattress Review – Adjustable Firmness & Natural Latex

Spindle Mattress Review

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We received the Spindle Mattress and slept on it for a few weeks. This post contains our honest review on the mattress and its ratings for the top five features we believe are most important to know before making a mattress purchase: quality, cooling, motion transfer, support and value.

QUALITY – Materials & Construction

The Spindle mattress has 3 separate layers of 100% natural latex. They are very transparent on their website about the construction and sources of their mattress materials, which I appreciated. The layers come separate, which allows the sleeper to configure them to their desired comfort level. We got Queen size, at a medium firmness, which actually gives you 2×3” medium firmness layers, and 1×3” firm layer. We followed the recommended configuration, and put the firm layer on bottom, and the other 2 layers on top. On top of the layers is a 1” natural wool batting layer, while the encasing is organic cotton twill.
Be careful not to tear or stretch the latex during assembly, as it could damage the latex.
Here’s a Spindle video that shows some of the differences between latex and memory foam.


COOLING – Does it Sleep Hot?

In general latex layers sleep cooler than memory foam. Foam mattresses tend to absorb the heat, while latex does not as much. I can’t stand sleeping hot, especially living in a desert climate. I found that this mattress sleeps cooler than many of the other foam or hybrid mattresses we have reviewed.

MOTION TRANSFER – How it Absorbs Impact

Latex mattresses have less motion transfer than an innerspring mattress, but also give a nice bounce. Also, unlike memory foam, you don’t get that sinking in feeling either. Latex aims to shape itself to your body, while giving that good base support. I found that that at around 195 lbs, my sinkage into the mattress was a little more than my wife’s smaller frame, which is to be expected. The motion transfer from moving around or getting out of bed while she was sleeping was minimal, while still giving a decent amount of bounce to it.

SUPPORT – Spinal Alignment

My wife tends to like a softer/cushier mattress, while I like a medium-firm feel. I am a back and side sleeper, while my wife tends to be mainly a side sleeper. We felt that the Spindle did provide enough sinkage in the top layer to support our hips and shoulders, while also being firm enough to switch positions during the night. No “stuck” feeling, as some memory foam mattresses tend to have. I think this mattress would be good for any position sleeper. Also, the edge support had some pretty good sinkage, which made it difficult to sit on for longer periods of time, or even to tie shoes.

VALUE – Price & Performance

The value of the Spindle mattress is pretty good. It came in at less than the cost of some other top brand mattresses of similar type and quality. The queen size Spindle mattress came in at $1,350.


Smell Dissipation – Because it is 100% latex, we did not experience any of the harsh chemical smells when typically opening up a new mattress. The latex smell stayed on our hands for a little while after handling the materials, but when sleeping on it, there was very minimal odor from the natural latex scent.
Firmness – We give this a 7 out of 10 on our Firmness scale. Medium Firm.
Company – The company was very easy to work with. Their customer service and trial periods are very good. They offer a refund for the total cost minus $199.99 if you don’t like it. They also offer to exchange layers for a different firmness to get your desired comfort level, for a fee of $200.
Reviews – The Spindle mattress has over 429 reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating on their website.
For more information about the mattress, its pricing, or to purchase it, please go to their website: Spindle Mattress
If you have questions about the mattress or have used it before and want to leave your own review, please leave a comment below.

Spindle Mattress

Spindle Mattress











Why We Like It

  • Exchangeable latex layers for customizable comfort levels
  • Soft organic cotton feel on top layer
  • Latex allows for cool sleeping, not hot!
  • Changing sleep positions was easy

Other Features

  • Medium Firm - 7 of 10
  • Offer partial refund ($200 less entire cost)
  • They offer a 10 year warranty and a 25 year comfort life program
  • 365 Day Comfort Adjustment